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    Aramark Building Community - Our Volunteer and Philanthropic Program  

    Aramark Building Community (ABC) enriches and nourishes lives by creating opportunities for people to live healthier lifestyles and succeed in the workplace in partnership with local community centers.  We apply our time, expertise, financial and in-kind resources to support individuals and families working their way out of poverty.

    Since 2008, Aramark has invested nearly $8.5 million in volunteer expertise, financial and in-kind resources to strengthen the capacity of more than 100 local community centers in 50 cities, involving the skills and expertise of more than 25,000 employees and impacting over 4 million people.

    Partnering with Community Centers to Foster Vibrant Neighborhoods

    Community centers can be found in neighborhoods across the U.S. and abroad. Families rely on these centers for services and programs that can help them succeed, whether it’s a loving daycare environment or after school program that supports a parent’s ability to work, a food pantry to supplement a family’s tight grocery budget, or an educational program that helps people complete their high school education and secure employment. Community centers are the trusted resources that meet the specific needs of the families in their neighborhood.

    Aramark employees work in client locations in hundreds of communities, and in these neighborhoods we “adopt” local community centers. We build ongoing, sustainable partnerships that enable us to match our skills to the needs of individual communities in multiple geographies. 

    Through Aramark Building Community we help advance community health and wellness and employment opportunities for youth and adults:

    • Our chefs and dietitians are passionate about teaching the relationship between diet and wellness. We share that energy and expertise with people of all ages by extending our Healthy For Life™ commitment into our communities. Healthy For Life is our comprehensive and integrated approach to health and wellness that encourages healthy food choices combined with nutrition education and wellness programs that work together to support healthier lifestyles.  
    • Together with community centers, we help link adults and teens with information and hands-on training to prepare them to find and keep meaningful jobs.  
    • It’s important that community centers maintain a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for the families that take advantage of their services each and every day. Aramark employees lend their skills and knowledge to enhance center facilities, creating safer, more inspiring environments and ultimately helping them run more efficiently.

    Our National Partners 

    Core to Aramark Building Community is our partnership with The Alliance for Children and Families (Alliance), the nation’s largest network of private community centers.  Through ongoing relationships between local employees and the Alliance network of community centers, we strengthen and expand programming and services, bringing resources to the local level.    

    To help us create impactful volunteer service days for these centers, we also partner with City Year, one of the world’s leading community service organizations. 

     Our partnership with City Year enables and inspires our large-scale ABC volunteer projects and our Global Volunteer Day, and ensures they result in a lasting impact. Together we have impacted community centers in five countries, creating healthy and inspiring programs and environments for children, families and senior citizens. 

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