Aramark CSR

  • Community Involvement Overview

    In any one of dozens of communities around the world Aramark conducts hundreds of millions of dollars of business, employs thousands of people, works with dozens of local suppliers, and has client relationships with schools, businesses, hospitals and other organizations.  The strength of these communities has a direct impact on the growth and sustainability of our company. It also impacts the growth of our clients and business partners and their ability to continue to provide meaningful jobs.  

    Community involvement, volunteerism and disaster response have been part of our company throughout its history. Like many leading companies, we have taken considerable steps to redefine our community involvement strategy.  We’ve evolved from a more traditional strictly philanthropic approach to a comprehensive strategy that best maximizes our expertise, investment and impact.  More and more, people are turning to non-profit community organizations for help, yet these same organizations are struggling with reduced financial support. Through our volunteer and philanthropic program Aramark Building Community, we engage with relevant community organizations to learn, share and refine practices that help address the most critical social issues plaguing our communities.

    We concentrate on a group of issues that we are uniquely qualified to address. In the areas of community partnerships, philanthropy and volunteerism we focus on:  

    • Preparing people for work and connecting them to jobs by helping to build critical employment and career skills for youth and adults and connecting them to meaningful employment. Our In2Work program, for example, teaches culinary skills to inmates in correctional facilities. 
    • Health and wellness education and awareness in underserved communities, like the Let’s Get Cooking program that teaches underprivileged children new cooking skills, how to eat a healthy, balanced diet, and how to shop on a budget in the United Kingdom. 
    • Ensuring that families and individuals have access to basic needs such as food, clothing and healthy and safe environments. 

    In addition, we support our clients in their community investment efforts whenever possible, supporting their philanthropic goals and objectives.

    We are developing deeper relationships with more relevant organizations and finding ways to mobilize a workforce that is increasingly interested in being involved in their communities.

    Aramark employees who want to volunteer can visit the Aramark Community Involvement Portal to learn about opportunities in their area.